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Inauguration of the new building

Thao Nguyen Co., Ltd.has just inaugurated a new Thao Nguyen building and put to use at 47 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City (Corner of Vo Van Tan-Ba Huyen Thanh Quan). And the representative office of the company moved from 208 Nguyển Đình Chiểu to this building at 4, 5 and 6 floors since May10 /2011


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1.9 news from Vinacas

According to statistic:
1-      Cashew kernel: In the first 8 months of this year VN has exported 107,597MT cashew of various kinds with the value of 857,174,416USD. The main markets are United States, China, Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom …
It is said that the market is rather quiet in quarter IV and the price is decreased not too much and the market will be better in quarter I of 2012
2-      The raw nuts are enough for processing to the end of this year; but there will be short for the 1st quarter of 2012.
The situation of raw nut imported: The Raw nut imported from Africa in September is estimated 30,000-40,000T.After that, the processors will stop importing because they need money to pay the bank and the price of raw nut is rather high: The price of raw nut from Indonesia is asked at 1,950USD and the quality is bad with the out turn is only 41-42lbs/80kgs from Nigeria, IVC. There is estimated 200,000T shortage for the 1st quarter of 2012


The world cashew demand can be recovered in 2-3 weeks: (SOURCE Financial Express-PT)
The cashew market still is quiet in last week some processors start buying in this week according to trade source.
The India local market is bleak but most of processors are ready to wait because they do not enough raw materials at the moment
the demand from wholesales can be started in 2-3 weeks
the price of raw cashew nut is stable. The price of IVC and Ghana is at 1,275-1,400USD/T and Guinea Bissau is at 1,700USD/T.
There is normal for the next crop in India.

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July information

Cashew market in July
A-     Raw seed
*Local price: from the information of MARD:
Dry raw seeds at 40,000VND/kg from Binh Phuoc; 40,000VND/kg from Daknong and 39,500VND/kg from Gia Lai
July import Statistic: in July / 2011Vietnam imported more than 82,200T equal 112% volume of June /2010. The main sources are Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. The total of raw cashew seed is over 202,000T for 7 months equal 44.8% of the plan for whole year 2011(450,000T)
- Indonesia: according to World Trade info. In 1st quarter/2011, Indonesia exported 8,037T raw seeds with the value of USD 11,8milion including exporting to VN 7,264T (90.4% of the whole volume) with the value of USD 10.9milion
- Guinea Bissau plans to export more than 160,000T: up to now GB has exported 118,000T

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20-year anniversary of Vinacas

Receiving the awards from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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