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Cashew industry needs 250,000bilion for new crop


(TBKTSG Online) Vinacas has drafted the document presented to the government to support medium and long–term loan with the interest of 11-12% per year for the amount of 29,500 bilion for buying raw seeds to process and export

According to Vinacas if the Government has agreed then the enterprises can buy raw seeds from the farmers with the prices of 35,000VND/kg (higher than the current price)

And Vinacas wants the bank to increase the loan equal to 90%of the security value instead of 705 of security value as current

Due to no remarkable affected by the weather, Vinacas estimated the volume this year around 380,000T, with 30,000T higher than last crop. And the same as the year 2011, Vinacas has estimated 450,000T raw seeds  imported from Africa, Indonesia with the value of  13,230billion

Vinacas has proposed the long-term loan is 12 months instead of 6 months, according to Vinacas the time 6 months is short and this can causes the difficulties to the enterprises as the pressure of repaying the bank.

The plan for 2012, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development gives the target around 200,000T exported with the turnover of 1,75bilion USD But Vinacas gives the target of 170,000T cashew kernels and 60,000T CNSL exported with the  turnover of  1,5 billion USD

In 2011 VN has exported 150,000T cashew kernels, 40,000T CNSL  with the turnover of 1,3billion USD

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September report of the Industrial and Commercial Ministry

In September, the volume of cashew exported is estimated 23,000T with the value of 198 mil USD, a little increased (9%) in volume and (3%)in value compare to previous month and 28% in volume and 81% in value compare to the same period of last year.
For 9 months of 2011, the volume of cashew exported is reaching 132,000T with the value of 1,086 bil USD, reduced 6% in volume but increased 39% compare to the same period of last year.
Only drop in the first two months, from March up to now, the value is always increased through months compared to the same period of last year.The main reason is due to the favorable of price. The average price of 9 months in 2011 is about 8,200USD/T increased nearly 1.5 times compare to the average price of 9 months in 2010.
In general, in the first 8 months of 2011, the value exported to most of the markets is increased compare to the same period of last year, among those markets the biggest increased is Belgium with 405.5%,  follow by Italia 145%, U.E.A. 115%. And the value is decreased in 3 markets: Greece 28.4%, Philippines 16.47% and Norway 11.92%

Some pictures of Thao Nguyên at VINACAS Golden Cashew Rendezvous 2011

Mdm Tran Bich Phuong with customers in the events of Cashew Rendezvous from June 9th to June 11th at New World Hotel 

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Price fluctuation of domestic market

(SGGP) .- According to the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), before the Chinese New Year 2011, the domestic market transactions were quite exciting and the growth is rather high than previous years. Current wholesale and retail distribution network of cashew kernels in the country have been expanded. This shows great potential for development in the near future.

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In 2011, the aim of cashew export reach to about $ 1.5 billion

(CPV) - Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) said, in four consecutive years from 2006-2010, Vietnam has become the No.1 of the world in cashew kernels export in both volume and turnover. In 2011, it sets a target, through export activities, of about $ 1.5 billion from cashew kernels exported, up about 32% in value compared to 2010.

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