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Cardanol oil from cashew shell

Thao Nguyen Co., Ltd is a leading enterprise to produce and distill Cardanol oil from cashew shell, a new product from the cashew tree, contributed to increase income for producers.

Oil from cashew shell contains a mixture of Alkyl, natural Phenol with main chemical composition is: Cardanol, Cardol, 2-methyl and their polymers. From the available physical and chemical properties, cashew shell oil is a value raw material, auxiliary materials in many industries:

  • Produce high quality adhesive materials
  • Produce corrosion coatings in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, surface waterproof coating, steam and waterproof;
  • Produce high class anti-rust pain and free shipworm paint for industrial ship;
  • Produce insulating materials, circuit boards and electrical circuit board products;
  • Is the friction powder in the brake manufacture, auxiliary materials in activated carbon production ...
  • Produce preserved wood products, products for impregnated processing wood in construction, interior decoration

Current production capacity and supply of the Company are:

  • 35,000 tons of oil
  • 10,000 tons Cardanol



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